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Heating & Power Flushing Service

Whether you want to remove a radiator when decorating a room, replace your old circulation pump or re-site an existing radiator please call us.

Power Flushing

  • Perhaps one of your radiators is making a strange noise ?
  • The central heating system doesn't work as you expected ?
  • Is your circulation pump leaking ?

If your heating system has been installed for many years then you might want to consider servicing it. Sludge can build up inside the radiators and stop the rooms being heated effectively - in which case we can power flush the entire system.

This will keep the system runnng more efficiently and therefore save you money in the longer term. Chemicals added during and after the process will clean the system and protect it to prolong the central heating system's life.


Here you can scroll through a few samples of testimonials we have received for our heating* work.